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Role UX/UI Designer

Context eCommerce - HR Tech - Software

Period 2022


The goal of this project was to redesign the website for the game website Steam, and consider any extra functionality or features that can be used to enhance the user experience.



"Our mission at PerkSpot is to inspire employees everywhere to love where they work."

As a UX Designer, I was the authority for all things user experience and product usefulness. In collaboration with the product development and engineering teams, I was responsible for designing user-facing products for the web and the mobile app and manage these designs through their development, testing, and release to the public.

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About Me.

ux/ui designer

I’m Allen Boguslavsky, a 29-year-old Chicago born UX/UI Designer currently focused on software design and freelancing in my spare time.

While most babies grew up with a pacifier, I was lucky enough to grow up with a mouse and keyboard. I still think the only reason I became a designer was because I pirated a copy of Photoshop CS6 when I was 10. True story.

I like to solve design problems, create easy to navigate user interface and imagine useful interaction, developing rich web experiences & web applications.

When not working I’m probably gaming, cooking, browsing the web, or getting a run in.  I’m also fluent in Russian.