The Reel:
Sports Entertainment Platform
Allen Boguslavsky
Project Description
The Reel is an entertainment platform showcasing the latest
and greatest curated sports highlights from around the world.
Users are immersed in a seamless and personalised clip discovery experience,
an engaged community, and hours of premium sports content.

01 Understanding: There is no solution addressing the task of personally intelligently curating the large amounts of content daily for a user. At the same time streamlining the experience and giving the user control over the specific content they wish to see. I propose the following goals –

02 Design: A Dynamic, deep aesthetic is complemented by a vibrant and electric accent, paired with typefaces that have strong personality.

03 Solution: From creating wireframes to articulating visual compositions, the most important features came from streamlining the experience for the user.

04 Finish: The Reel is a highlights platform that filters away the hundreds of daily sports videos, thus allowing a user to immerse themselves in clips and highlights they want to see.
This project required a lot of time and creative thought into the way users view sports highlights, and understanding how the target audience soak in sports and scores.