Steam Gaming Platform:
Allen Boguslavsky
Project Description
A lively and visually strong web presence promoting the most popular game management system Steam.

The goal of this project was to redesign the website for the game website Steam,
and consider any extra functionality or features that can be used to enhance the user experience.

01 Understanding: Despite its popular status, Steam's website is monotonous, boring, and doesn’t live up to its popularity. While this project was initially designed as a visual or aesthetic challenge, I decided to take it further by understanding the user base and its concerns. I had a great sample size of users, so I rolled with it.

02 Design: I chose a darker color pallete, based on my own understanding of gamers. I went along the route of the more mysterious look while having the feel of a darker scheme.

03 Solution: The most significant usage of the website lies in the advertisement of games (embedded into the Steam client), and to explore the user’s own library of games and recommendations.

04 Finish: This redesign project aims to better the aesthetics and simplify experience for users of the actual Steam website. The downloadable client is slightly different. In taking on this project, I was able to consider the niche user base of gamers and their preferences.