Allen Boguslavsky

Who am I

Hi there! I'm Allen

I was born and raised in beautiful Chicago to immigrant parents from Ukraine. I'm fluent in Russian.

I’m a graduate of DePaul's UX/UI program. I love technology, gaming, sports, YouTube, running, and cooking. I LOVE COOKING!

I enjoy Typography. I really appreciate a nice type.

I'm very detail oriented and it's seem to helped me out in my design career.

I love Anthony Bourdain and what he stood for. I enjoy travel and cooking shows that teach people not only how to make cacio e pepe, but how to respect humanity and culture.

I also respect all that Larry David stands for.

And yes, I'm glad you asked, I would like a cup of coffee.

John Doe Nope it's not Ashton Kutcher, it's Allen Boguslavsky.