Chicago Transit Authority Application:
via wearable technology
Allen Boguslavsky, Yang Zhang, Nastassia Darby, Davor Persia
Project Description
01 Understanding: Creating a wearable interface of the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) application with a specific focus on route times. We were studying and learning about VR/AR/Wearable technologies and thought to shape up our current CTA application.

02 Design: We wanted to design a wearable piece of technology that would help user's during the harsh Chicago winters. A visual display for a route as user's approached a public transport station.

03 Solution: An apple watch / FitBit style wearable piece of technology that incorporated routes, arrival time, a map, and a favorites section. We designed this for people who are already familiar with the CTA app, but with a wrist application. We wanted to let user's choose a specific train or bus route, check the location via a map, and an arrival time. Also, a payment option was included so user's wouldn't have to take out their wallet and search for their cards.

04 Finish: Our biggest takeaway was the importance of reiterating ideas and prototypes and gaining feedback each step of the way. Our initial assumptions were very similar to what we developed through sketching and prototyping but the feedback made the development experience so much more real. We believe our interface design was overall successful because we learned how the device could improve after implementing design research methods and user testing. However, if we were to continue with the design and development of our wearable interface we would pivot from it’s singular function as a CTA transit tracking device and add on Ventra transit card cabilities as was suggested in our feedback.