Makey Makey Interface Design:
Gaming for Disabled Users

Allen Boguslavsky

Project Description

By far the best class I've taken at DePaul. Our class was a mix of both undergrad/graduate students in the Human-Computer Interaction program and we were given the task of designing an interactive piece of technology.


Create an interface prototype by choosing a domain (tangible, AUI, audio, wearable, touch, AR, VR. Then selecting an existing interface we'd like to recreate

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure

Skills: UX/UI Design Princples

Platform: Mobile Application

Context: Masters HCI Course lass Final Project

Design Problem:

I recently began playing a game called Overwatch and I'm always on the page's Reddit.

I came across a war veteran who lost both of his arms but still manages to play the game using a regular Xbox One controller. I was blown away when I read this article, and it couldn't come to me at a better time.

I was learning about Interface Design in this class, and decided to develop a better gaming experience for disabled users. I used Makey Makey and a MacBook and directed my friends to play both Frogger and Dance Dance Revolution with limited uses from their arms.

The results I obtained made me walk away with a very fulfilling learning experience.

Project Details
  • Class EXP442 Interface and Experience Design
  • Date 2016-17 Winter
  • CategoriesUX/UI
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